Picle Lays Creative Waste To Instagram

Picle AppFolks, it’s time to grab your thick eyeglass frames, with no lenses, your Ballantine Beer and Pony high tops, because there’s a cool new social media kid in town.

And you have about 2 nano-seconds to follow so you can proudly say “I knew them before they were famous”.

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been debating whether or not I should go heavy with Instagram. Many of my friends use it and some of them capture interesting images.

Most of them know I spend a lot of my Facebook time sharing photos, but Instagram has never fully drawn me in. In fact, aside from some retro effects, it feels soulless; like how Word 95 improved your Aunt Mary’s family reunion invitations.

Or perhaps I’m tired of seeing endless shots of signs. (Crap, now the Tesla version of “Signs” is stuck in my head.) Seriously people, is that the best you can come up with?

Yesterday, I happened to come across Picle and must say I’m instantly hooked. I love what Picle is about, because it’s an app that takes advantage of my desire to tell stories with a soundtrack.

Picle enhances your photos, by simply recording the sounds around you, your voice, etc. immediately after you snap a shot. When you shoot more than one Picle you can then string them together into Stories for continuous play. The editing tool allows you to drag and drop individual Picles into place, for a richer storytelling experience.

Whether it’s a Picle or a Story, an instant share option places the files on the website, where you can follow others, “love” their Picles (Settle down Beavis) or re-share. My page is here http://picleapp.com/MSGiro.

Since I know you’re going to ask, yes, there will be corporate adoption here. If I were running marketing, somewhere, I’d use this relentlessly and share it everywhere, because it fosters better connections with your fans and customers.

I even find it more appealing than Pinterest, because of the real human and natural element to it. A story resonates more with sound and when that sound is organic, the stories cut deeper to the core. Some brands will understand and properly exploit that. Others will keep with tradition and destroy it.

Keep in mind though, that this app is very much in beta. It has one, very annoying web UI issue, which keeps the play/pause icon on your photo at all times, which steals from the essence of any image. It also needs to be a lot easier to find and follow people.

I’ve also run into a few bugs, such as being unable to share my story to my page on occasion, plus picleapp.com keeps logging me out, but those are minor issues that should and will be corrected.

Picle is brought to you by Made By Many and it debuted at SXSWi. For what it has in early release issues, it makes up for in creative potential. Download the app, before your crazy Aunt Mary does and ruins your rep, like she did with Facebook and Pinterest.

And then you can tell all these marketers on Pinterest to piss off.