Klout Now Allows You To Delete Your Account

There have been a slew of stories about Klout and their opt-out policy (i.e., there wasn’t an easy way to do it) across the blogosphere in the last couple of weeks.

Since news broke of their inclusion of minors and the way they were setting up profiles based on public interaction from otherwise private social accounts, Klout has been coming under fire for their practices, especially when it came to allowing users to delete their information.

Well, it seems as if Klout has listened to the criticism – as of today, you now have the option to delete your account (see image above – right-click to expand). To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to Klout.com.
  • Log-in with whatever social network you have connected.
  • Go to Profile Settings.
  • Select the Delete Account link (near the bottom of the screen).
  • Follow the steps to confirm you wish to delete yourself from Klout.
  • Make a note as to when you deleted, and then set a calendar date to check back on their recommended timescale.

That’s it. It should be pretty seamless to do, but there’s always help@klout.com if you have issues.

Klout’s come in for deserved criticism of some of their practices, so it’s good to see them “do the right thing” on this topic. It’s also a nice reminder that when working together, the collective voice of social media users can be heard and encourage companies to offer better solutions.

Which is always nice.