E Cigs Addictive


CBS News has a new story claiming that the American Chemical Society’s journal Chemical Research in Toxicology has published a study by the researcher Najat Saliba of the American University of Beirut saying that e-cigs are just as addictive as tobacco cigarettes.

The article also says that use of e-cigs by teens has tripled with 2.5 million teenagers using them. It also mentioned that the FDA currently regulates electronic cigarettes for therapeutic use only. Read the whole story…

2 Great Brands To Consider

The intro of e cigs has completely changed the manner in which anyone can enjoy a cigarette and not be exceedingly afraid of the possible health and well-being impacts connected with tobacco. The fact that electronic or smokeless cigarettes taste like, look like and even have the very same experience of taking a deep, long drag like a real cigarette it is no wonder that consumers love them.

You can find a lot of reviews on e cigs to identify which ones last the longest, give you the best overall experience and are worth the money. A lot of time there is little if any difference between the various brands. Most reviews say you can’t tell the difference between real tobacco cigarettes and the new smokeless cigarettes. Even those people say that the experience isn’t exactly the same, they all admit that the benefits such as breathing in a lot less harmful chemicals and to be able to smoke it just about anywhere would make most people consider them as an alternative to the real thing.

A lot of companies have sprung up, with all of them offering the best smokeless cigarette experience. The truth is, two of the fastest growing brands are Green Smoke and V2 Electronic Cigarettes.

Even though these two brands come in all different sizes, designs, flavors, and of course prices, they look and feel just like the real thing. If your just starting out these two companies offer various starter kits which includes everything you need. The kit includes the cartridges, atomizer and battery, recharging plug and also a USB re-charger that way you can recharge your battery right from your computer. These starter kits vary in price depending on what you want in your kit such as atomizers, e-juice and so on.

As outlined by independent consumer reviews, Green Smoke has been rated as one of the best devices on the market. The main benefits of this electronic cigarette is it as a long lasting battery plus a lot of different flavor cartridges. Actually the battery can last up to a day for a people that smoke everyday. However Green Smoke does come with a higher price than others, but smokers say that it gives you the best overall experience.


On the other end of the scale, the V2 cigarettes are fairly cheap which has helped them gain market share and become the top choice for people looking to try out e-cigarettes. V2 has a lot of flavors to pick from which include vanilla, menthol, coffee and chocolate, which makes it a hot idem with people who are not hard core smokers.


A long with the wide range of flavors and new ones hitting the market every day, a lot of accessories have helped Green Smoke and V2 become the two fastest growing brands on the market.

Vaping Not Smoking

You do not “smoke” an e-cigarette. The proper terminology is called “vaping” because you do not inhale smoke, rather you inhale vapor. To get started you can try a disposable e-cig in tobacco or menthol, from a corner store or gas station, which will cost you anywhere from $4 to $11.

You can also borrow a vaping pen from a friend. The idea is to start small and see what you like before you invest a bunch of your hard-earned into chargers and batteries. E-Cig brands are not interchangeable, so it smart to make sure that you find the best feel, the right design and your favorite flavors using disposable e-cigs as a starting point. After you discover your favorite you can invest in exactly what you want.


Nicotine Purge

It is possible to reduce Nicotine by using e-cigs and vaporizers. While it is possible to inhale as much nicotine as before if you want to begin to reduce you nicotine intake slowly with e-cigs. Most e-cigs products contain 2.4% nicotine while a few contain as much as 4% nicotine.

Most people are aware of the dangers of nicotine and e-cigs is a way to wean yourself off from this potentially deadly substance. Nicotine withdrawal can cause some people to become physically sick so making the reduction gradual is a good solution if you want to break your nicotine addiction. E-liquids come in a variety of increments of nicotine from 8mg per ml to as low as 3 mg per ml or even 2 mg per ml. An ex-smoker can completely eliminate their nicotine addiction b choosing from our extensive list of the best electronic cigarette brands.

Taking Charge

As a smoker, getting your fix was easy, just light up and puff away. Unfortunately the smoke and the smell were often uncomfortable for non-smokers. While e-cigs are not as easy, the second-hand smoke factor is pretty much non-existent. However, you must recharge e-cig batteries. Since they can run out of power in as little as 2 hours you will want to always have one in the charger so you are prepared when that smoke craving comes on. It is important to select a quality brand so that you can be assured of the highest quality.


As you get started, you will soon be ready to invest in an e-cig bundle. The contents of a bundle include rechargeable batteries and chargers, and atomized cartridges of e-liquid. The batteries in e-cigs trigger a coil to heat up to create the vapor, much like a coil on your stove top.

You can often customize your bundle. You can select a battery size, the color, and the format (manual or automatic) and you can select from a variety of flavors of caromizers. The manual batteries start heating up when you press a button while the automatic batteries remain on standby and will heat up when you draw on the end.

Typical flavors for new vapers included at least one mint/menthol flavor, one or more tobacco, vanilla, coffee, chocolate and often a fruit or two. Most quality 2-battery kits begin at $30 and go up to around $55. You can usually find a reliable model for around $45. Some brands to check out are White Cloud, Halo, Apollo, and Volcano.

Ego Cigs

If you are needing a e-cig with a longer charge, the next class of e-cig is an eGo named for the first of its kind from JoyeTech. The eGo is like a manual mini e-cig but longer and thicker. The power rating for the cigalike is usually up to 280 MAh, but the eGos start at a more substantial 35- mAh with a more conventional low of 650 mAh and a high of 1600 mAh. You should be able to vape for half a day or if the charge is completely full you may be able to vape for as long as 2 days. This is a great solution for those long road trips!


If you are not comfortable yet holding a metal pen and puffing, the eGo may be too big. It takes time to adapt even though the mouthpiece is stylized to be comfortable between your lips. You can always reserve the eGos from home use or road trips and use cigalike in public.

The American firms like South Beach Smoke, Volcano, Apollo, and Halo all have their own version of eGo style e-cigs. Other options include Innokin, Joyetech, and Kanger, long time trusted manufacturers from China.

Advancements in Vaping

As you become an experienced Vaper, you will realize that the buttons on Advanced Personal Vaporizers are there to give you control over the amount of vapor you take in and also the warmth and smoothness of the vapor in your moth. These buttons also allow the user to change atomizer resistance according to the power output of a device. As the the devices become more and more advance, it becomes possible to push the resistance to as low as almost zero.

Are You A Vaper?

you can also graduate to a variable voltage/variable wattage vaporizer, The range can me minimal just 11 watts or 6 volts. These are manufactured by VaporFi, Kanger, Sigelie, JoyeTech, Innokin, and others.

Learn about the ways these products operate. Ask questions and explore the risks. Many products can become very hot, make sure that there are fail-safes that will turn it off before it gets so hot that your expensive device melts or catches fire.

Look for protection against a short circuit, also reverse battery protection. Innokin is an excellent brand for the more advanced Vaper, someone with some experience. They offer many variable power devices including the W V3.0 Express, the MVP and the Cool Fire.


The most popular items these days are variable watt mods. They are often in a box shape, like the iTaste MVP but even bigger and more powerful. These contain protective chips, they offer bright LED screens, and their buttons allow you to select the voltage or wattage, through a much broader range than usual. Sigalei and Pioneer4You have also developed 150W box mods for the 0.2-ohm atomizers and cloud chasing capabilities. These products are excellent for using RDA’s and for dripping vegetable glycerin-only juices that most average atomizerr cannot and do not handle.

Other brands to look for that are making VW mods are Clouper, SmokTech, ELeaf, and VaporFi. There are also many small companies jumping on the bandwagon and developing limited edition box mods, some are covered in hand-carved wood or ornately machined metal. A Vaper with experience in electronics could also make DIY box mods,

Hopefully this has given you an overview of e-cigs and helped you learn more about the possibilities. Enjoy as you choose to use them, select from our list of e-cigarette brands that we talk about throughout.

Electronic Cigarette Options for Better Health

For anyone who is considering stopping smoking might be looking into the different options of electronic cigarettes. However, many of you might not know exactly what the digital cigarette is and all the benefits that comes with it.


The electronic cigarette is a small digital device that mimics normal smoking. However, the electronic cigarette does not include the same negative health implications as common tobacco smoke. This small device will support you in your transition from smoking to complete abstinence.

Digital cigarettes are digital delivery techniques for smoking. Rather than smoking cigarettes, the digital version means that you can breathe in a vapor. Some steam is designed to taste just like cigarette smoking and offers a dose of smoking. However, you can also find special flavors like chocolate and strawberry.

There are many advantages through the use of digital cigarettes. Among the most noticeable advantages is that the electronic cigarette does not produce any smoke. Therefore, you are able to use the digital cigarettes in places where smoking is not allowed.

In addition, you will reduce the negative, harmful effects that come with smoking regular cigarettes. Although you will have the ability to delight in an amount of smoking, you won’t be breathing in the other substances that often cause cancer and contaminate the environment.

Choice between cigarette and e-cigarette

Choice between cigarette and e-cigarette

When you make use of an electronic cigarette, you are also eliminating the risk of second hand smoking. Since you do not have to light the cigarette, people around you will not be affected by this product.
Buying a digital cigarette is beneficial if you are looking to minimize the health effects from smoking. Most people use this product in an effort to minimize the use of tobacco. This product can even help you to give up smoking completely.

If you are prepared to quit smoking, but doubt that you will be able to do it, an electronic cigarette is a good option. However, for those that would like to still enjoy smoking, the electronic cigarette allows you to do so without feeling guilty.

Smoking is provided with digital cigarettes; however you are still lessening your risk for heart disease, cancer, emphysema and lung cancer. Although this does not decrease your risk of health to zero (see http://www.lung.org/stop-smoking/tobacco-control-advocacy/federal/e-cigarettes.html), it does lower them drastically. In addition, you can smoke more freely!

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The Smoking Solution

Electronic cigarettes have been increasing in popularity lately, and if you are a smoker, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about with regards to this product.

The electronic cigarette is a healthier option for smokers. It works by allowing a person to smoke without the risk of inhaling or exhaling any smoke. The device comes with three different parts that are combined to generate this particular function. Furthermore, the electronic cigarette contains a liquid cartridge which features the nicotine solution.


The smoking solution is available in different amount levels. Some are high amounts while others are extremely low. You can choose which one will best suit your needs. In addition, the nicotine solution is available in several flavors. You have the option to choose flavors that mimic smoking, or opt for flavoring that does not involve nicotine.

Nicotine cartridges are available in a wide range of exciting flavors which includes coffee, blueberry, strawberry and vanilla. Based on the type of brand you choose, you will discover many different flavors available. Why not try out a few and see which ones you love best!

The second part of the electronic cigarette would be the atomizer. This part of the cigarette allows the liquid within the cartridge to turn into vapor. Furthermore, it includes a smaller sized heater component which makes it possible for the liquid to change into an aerosol.

Then comes the part of the electronic cigarette that cause it to be digital. The vast majority of these types of cigarettes include a rechargeable battery, which enable you to use the cigarette repeatedly. Some digital cigarettes are activated by simply inhaling. On the other hand, others electronic cigarettes contain a switch which you have to turn on manually in order for it to work.

The majority of digital cigarettes consist of plastic “packs” which can be attached to an electric outlet for charging. These are the identical size compared to a normal package of tobacco. It is possible to store your electronic cigarette in here.

The digital cigarette was developed with the concept of the typical cigarette in mind. Both the shape and the size are the same. In fact, many people actually mistake it for the regular cigarette, except it does not release any smoke.

There are several reasons why people opt for the electronic cigarettes. While others want to minimize their risk of heart disease and cancer while still enjoying nicotine, others choose it to carry on smoking in certain restricted areas such as work or school.

Then there are people that make use of the electronic cigarette in an effort to help them to stop smoking. Thus, in case you are wondering what is the electronic cigarette and the benefits of it, simply do a little online investigation for further information.

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About E Cigarettes

So what is an Electronic Cigarette?

E cigs undoubtedly are a fairly new smoking tool and not well recognized to the vast majority of people yet. Having said that, they are definitely growing in popularity around the globe very rapidly. They are typically called e-cigs, e cigs and smokeless cigarettes also, therefore if you’ve heard any one of these phrases just be aware that they are the same.

The primary goal of these types of unique cigarettes is to aid smokers to quit smoking conventional tobacco cigarette as they contain countless hazardous chemical compounds. E-cigs still have nicotine and flavor, however they are excreted by a water vapor, as a substitute for smoke such as the traditional brand of cigarette.

Aspects Of An E-Cigarette

Every smokeless cigarette devices contain the same 2 or 3 general pieces. Within the three-piece designs you will discover a filter cartridge which includes the nicotine solution, an atomizer unit which holds this filter, and of course the battery which looks like the tobacco segment of a traditional cigarette.

Various other brands merge the filter and atomizer all in one piece and call it a cartomizer. The only real other piece needed in these two-piece styles would be the battery.

Starter kits of course include a battery charger in order to keep the e-cig powered up – a USB, car, or a wall charger. Moreover, within a new kit you are sure to be given a variety of liquid refills specifically for your cig.

A large number of brands are currently producing accessories for their e cigs which can include cases along with other great looking accessories. So long as you pay attention to the technical specs on the accessories, it is possible for you to swap brand name made accessories if they’re for cigs of the same size in length and width.

How Your E-Cigarette Works

An e-cig is a simple, in spite of that progressive device supplying an equivalent smoking experience to that of the traditional cigarette cigarette. Consumers compliment the throat hit, taste, feel, and gratification that they get using them also. Let’s check out how they in fact function.

You will find automatic as well as manual vapor producing cigs available for purchase in the market place right now. Automatic e cigs make the vapor by means of pressing a button, and of course the manual variations require the user to puff upon the cig just a little first to get the vapor going.