What To Look For In An Electronic Cigarette Review

At the time of making a purchase of almost any kind any individual should definitely carry out some due diligence, and certainly purchasing an electronic cigarette shouldn’t be any different. One of the most effective ways to compare and do research on e-cig brand names is simply by reading or watching electronic cigarette reviews. But exactly what sorts of elements do you have to look for?

If by chance you’ve never used a smokeless cigarette device before, you might not be familiar with all the possible concerns and conditions involved with using one. Being a possible buyer, you will want to make note of the important issues listed below, simply because they will affect the level of gratification you will have during and once you finish the buying process.

Throat Hit: You are aware that sensation you get in the back of your throat as you take a drag off of your tobacco cigarette? Clearly, that feeling can also take place with an e-cig, despite the fact that some brands most certainly give it better than others. When a given person reviews a certain brand of e-cig, they often times discuss how great the throat hit is. In the event this practical experience is particularly relevant to you personally, be conscious of what is claimed by vapor-cigs reviewers.

Vapor Production: As a way to duplicate an authentic smoking experience, consumers need to see a large amount of vapor being created by their now electronic style. Many brands generate a dismal amount of water vapor this means you should take notice while reading reviews to make certain the brand you might be considering moreover produces a respectable amount of vapor.

Price Versus Value: Just like any kind of product that is likely to be available for purchase, the price to value ratio has to seem sensible in your head before you decide to actually buy it. A number of electric cigarette brand names are more expensive for less value. Existing users will be certain to let you know in their electric-cig reviews if they feel they have been ripped off. Many individuals just go crazy in regards to this subject, for that reason make certain to read a variety of reviews prior to making a final conclusion in regards to the price and the advantages.

Customer Service: Despite the fact that the topic of customer service does not seem to be an issue, it may be should something go awry during or after the ordering process. Try and find e-cig retailers which have a good track record of supporting their customers out.

Guarantee Policy: This is definitely important matter that you ought to make sure to have a look at. Getting a superb guarantee for all electric cigarette devices and essential accessories is important in case you happen to be given a faulty product and need to have the company swap it. ?With out having? this type policy, you could potentially lose out on your hard-earned moola.

Product Quality: In doing your diligence, make a mental tally of the concerns surrounding quality of the particular cigarette device. No body wants to buy a new e-cig only to have issues using it and then having to purchase yet one more to replace it. In addition remember to see what other people are expressing in regards to the battery life of the model. An improved battery means less replacement and a lot more smoking time.

Variety of Flavors: Assuming you are a devoted smoker of a specific cigarette label or flavor such as Marlboro or menthol’s, you ought to re-check the flavor offerings of the smokeless cigarette you might be considering buying. A number of brands offer basic cigarette flavors that duplicate the flavors smokers are used to, yet others offer much more of a wide variety.

Then perhaps you might ought to write these advised topics down and take good notes as you learn about the different e-cig reviews. As a result you are able to remember precisely what you learned throughout your investigation.

Electronic Cigarette Tips For The Normal User

So you are new to electronic cigarettes, you will find all kinds of helpful electronic cigarette tips for the normal user to help you get the most out of your e-cig experience. Once you’ve used them for a a few weeks you’ll become more acquainted with your model and usage.

Identifying The Best Nicotine Levels

The truth is selecting the nicotine level is dependent on your situation and smoking preferences. If your plan is to substitute an e-cig for tobacco cigarette, look at the levels that I have listed below for assistance. If you are a smoker using e-cigs to wean yourself off of nicotine and quit smoking you can slowly lower your nicotine levels every 3 weeks or so until you have hit zero nicotine levels.

The best nicotine levels vary from brand to brand, however take a look at the general overview below to help you choose the electronic cigarette nicotine levels right for you.

If you smoke:

  • Strong cigarettes: 2.4% or 22 mg nicotine
  • Full cigarettes: 1.8% or 18 mg nicotine
  • Light cigarettes: 1.2% or 16 mg nicotine
  • Ultra light cigarettes: .6% or 6-11 mg nicotine
  • Zero nicotine with only flavor: 0% or 0 mg

Storage Is Important

You will discover that you can prolong the life of your cartomizers in addition to fewer problems by storing your e-cig correctly. Below you will find some helpful recommendations for accomplishing this.

Do not store e-cig’s on their ends, the e-liquid will pool up and cause a leak, therefore make certain that and store it on its side when not in use in order to avoid pooling.

You should keep cartomizers in a low temperate area with NO moisture to keep them fresh. You will see that they will remain fresh for 12-18 months by doing this.

Take Care Of The Battery

Here are some great tips to lengthen the life of your battery.

You will want to unplug your battery just as soon as it’s fully charged. You will find that the average battery takes 4-6 hours to recharge.

Take the battery off if you will not be using it for a while. In doing so, the e-cig will not draw off the battery when it is not in use.

Another trick is to charge your battery when it starts to get a little weak, don’t let it go totally dead.

Your average battery should last between 25 and 35 cigarette’s worth or 300 to 420 puffs. You should have a back-up battery fully charged and ready to go.

Cartomizers and Atomizers

You can expect a Cartomizer to remain fresh for about 14 days. You’ll be able to still use it, however it will not taste as good.

It’s estimated that the average smoker takes about 12 puffs on a cigarette and then it’s gone. In contrast, the typical Cartomizer is the same as about 20-40 cigarettes based on the brand.

If your Cartomizer is no longer easy to take a draw off of make sure you change it, also change it if it tastes burnt. This could be anywhere from 3 to 15 days it just depends on how much you smoke. Remember the higher voltage models and the stronger e-liquids will go a lot faster.

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