Smoke And Mirrors And Vaping


Public Health England has already reported that E-cigarettes are safer than traditional tobacco products. So why is will EU rules will now HURT the growth of the ‘vaping’ industry, which has helped so many people quit cigarettes?

The Commentator says…

“Despite the wide consensus that vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking, EU rules will force E-cigarette companies to undergo overzealous tests, ban them from advertising and follow bizarre new rules such as insisting on smaller refill containers. All this will pitch them onto an uneven playing field against the big tobacco firms.”

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The NIKKEI Asian Review says…

That governments governments all over the world are determined to do just the opposite of what their citizens want when it comes to e-cigs and vaping.

“In Hong Kong, Malaysia and Macau, decisions are imminent on whether to ban e-cigarettes altogether in the ostensible name of blocking a “gateway” to smoking and protecting youth health in the face of rapidly rising sales.

This is despite evidence from the EU and the U.S., where millions of smokers have successfully switched from smoking to “vaping,” as the use of e-cigarettes is called, and that the devices can be a highly successful aid for people trying to quit smoking.”

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cigarette in the hand

Do you think the legal age for smoking should be 21?

Well legislators do and you know what that means!

The Huffington Post says…

Hawaii has already increased the legal smoking age from 18 to 21 to take hold in Janurary. There is also about 12 other states that are think about bills that would increase the age of purchasing tobacco products.

“Measures to raise the smoking age to 21 also were introduced this year in Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington and the District of Columbia, according to the Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation, an advocacy group aimed at keeping young people from starting to smoke. Iowa and Texas considered measures to increase the legal age to 19. None of those bills passed. And just last week, a Pennsylvania legislator introduced a bill to up the minimum age there to 21.”

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Another Ban On Vaping


The Snohomish Health District proposed a ban on vaping earlier this year, it would include no vaping in public spaces and workplaces.

Well it has happened a proposal drawn up detailing regulations that would go hand in hand with that ban.

The ban would include NO sales of vaping products to minors, vaping businesses would have to be licensed, and NO vaping in public just like that of smoking is under the state law.

However one good thing that is included would be the sampling of vaping products by adults in with in the stores, the vaping retailers pushed hard for this and they finally got it.

The health officer for the Snohomish Health District, Dr. Gary Golbaum, said…

“Allowing adults to sample vaping products in retail stores is something he has concerns about. “However, I’m a pragmatist and I believe my board is very pragmatic,” he said. “They would like to accommodate something that is going to be reasonable.”

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FDA Going To Kill Vaping Entrepreneurs

It’s going to get a lot harder for business owners of anything that has to do with e-cigs and vaping. I don’t know yet how it will affect this site since all we do is find coupons and give access to them via our affiliate links to save you money. My guess is their is going to be a lot less products to chose from and I might not even be able to give out coupons, we will have to wait and see.

In an article by Laurie Tarken it says…

“Essentially the FDA regulation is a guaranteed death knell for over 99% of the companies in the industry,” says Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, an advocacy group. That would affect the estimated 8,000 to 12,000 vape shops in the United States and the estimated 1,000 manufacturers and wholesalers of vaping equipment.

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So you is the big winner?

If or should I say when the FDA rules take effect the big winner is… BIG TOBACCO!

What Tank To Use With The iStick 30w

The iStick 30W can absolutely subohm down to .4 ohms, which gives you a lot of choices. A lot of vapers are using the Aspire Nautilus Mini, Aspire Atlantis 2 and the Eleaf Melo.

Using tanks on the iStick 30W is a piece of cake and works great also. Basically any tank that has coils at .4ohms or higher and is 22mm or less in diameter will work great.

The truth is, just starting out try the Eleaf GS Air M and wouldn’t cost you a fortune, but, if got plenty of money try a Nano or Kanger Subtank mini. Both have coils available in 1.5, 1.2, and .5 ohm, however stay away from the .15 ohm nickel coils you can’t use the on an iStick 30W.

The eLeaf GS Air M or MS (mega or mega shorty) is another great option. You can push them up to 30W according to ELeaf. Yes, tanks are great for anybody who wants a great vape experience.

Watch The iStick 30W Tank Video

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E Cig Ban In National Park

e-cig-banThe National Park Service announced that all e-cigs are banned where there is restrictions inplace on smoking. Monday they extended the 2003 NPS that first banned regular cigarettes to include e-cigs.

According to WatchDog the 2015 extended policy states…

Acting (1) out of an abundance of caution in light of the scientific findings and uncertainty to date, and (2) in the interest of equity, the purpose of this Policy Memorandum is to afford all NPS employees and park visitors the same protections from exposure to nicotine and other harmful substances that may be found in ENDS [E-cigs] vapor that are currently in place for exposure to tobacco smoke.

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Mary Jane In The News This Week

Okay what’s in the news for e-cigs and vaping this week.

Are buttery flavored e-liquids dangerous to your health? What the hell now we can get popcorn lung from vaping buttered popcorn e-juice. Motherboard has an article you need to read if you like the butterd flavored e-liquids such as butterscotch, vanilla, and caramel. To quote them…

Diacetyl (DA) is a chemical used in food flavoring. It infuses food with a creamy, buttery taste, so it’s usually found in products that have butter, cheese, or caramel flavors. Diacetyl and acetyl propionyl (AP)—a kind of “sister chemical” that is nearly identical to DA—are also found in many flavored vaping liquids, especially those with a “dessert” flavor (think butterscotch, vanilla, or caramel).

When you eat or drink something that contains diacetyl, it’s considered harmless—it even occurs naturally in some milk products, and in a few wines and beers. But inhaling it is a different story, and can have serious health risks. Because of this, vapers have been concerned about the presence of DA and AP in e-juices for awhile now, and many trade organizations have limits on the levels of DA and AP that can be present in the liquids they stock.

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Choice between cigarette and e-cigarette

Is it true that teens are more likely to start smoking cigarettes if they are using e-cigs? The Washington Post says…

More bad news for young people who smoke e-cigarettes.

Doing so makes them much more likely to start smoking traditional cigarettes within a year than peers who don’t smoke e-cigarettes, according to a new analysis published online Tuesday and scheduled for the November issue of JAMA Pediatrics.

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Oh no USA Today just found out that teens are using e-cigarettes for vaping mary jane! That’s a suprise. They said…

Teenagers have discovered a new way to inhale marijuana — e-cigarette vaporizers, according to a study released Monday.

About 27% of high school students who have used both marijuana and e-cigarettes reported using the devices to vaporize cannabis. Those most likely to vaporize pot with e-cigarettes included males and younger students.

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